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Train Reaction® is the new luggage stabilizing device that makes traveling much easier. The apparatus connects any 2 pieces of wheeled luggage together, resulting in a weightless effect allowing users to maneuver their gear with a single hand.

Superb for traveling professionals, women and families, Train Reaction eliminates 100% of downward and upward force on luggage handles, even when bags are not perfectly packed, eliminating the stress of getting it all from one place to the next.

Features and Benefits:

  • Universal device allows for use with your existing luggage
  • Roll twice as much luggage with half the effort
  • Skip through narrow passages
  • Super lightweight, easy to stow
  • Long lasting and durable

Buy the one-of-a-kind Train Reaction now for only $14.95 or get 2 for $19.95! The more you buy the more you save!

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Money-Back Guarantee


1 Year

Customer Service

Customer Service: 714-843-9288

Mailing Address: Train Reaction®
West Coast Trends, Inc.
17811 Jamestown Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647



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