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The Waffle Cone Fun Factory – Create, bake and roll custom cones right on your stovetop!

Waffle Cone Fun Factory is the new way to create, bake and roll custom ice cream cones…right on your stove top. Your family will go crazy for sweet strawberry cones, double chocolate, Neapolitan and more. It’s super easy, just pour in any waffle batter, add some fun and close the handle. Then in just 2 minutes you’re ready to… roll, roll, roll your cone! Wow…a sprinkled waffle cone… that’s freshly baked just like from an ice cream shop!

Waffle Cone Fun Factory Features:

  • Make any flavor cone in just minutes.
  • Non-stick pan works on any stove top.
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Make Banana waffle bowls & more!
  • Makes Strawberry, Double Chocolate,
  • Peanut Butter cones & more!

Limited Time Offer Includes:

  • Two Waffle Cone Non-Stick Stove Top Pan
  • Two Cone Rollers
  • Two Recipe Books
  • One Ice Cream Scooper

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