Fruitable Creations – DIY Edible Arrangements Kit


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Now you can make your own fruit bouquets! Why spend $80 or more for a single edible arrangement when you can make your own, (over and over again) with Fruitable Creations, for a fraction of the cost!

Included in This Offer:

  • Fruitable Heart, Flower & Star presses
  • Melon baller shaper
  • Our Crinkle-Creations Knife
  • Fifty 8” and fifty 10” display sticks
  • Food safe foam inserts for any mug or vase
  • Easy instruction guide full of fruiterrific ideas and illustrations
  • Free Bonus: Veggie Creations Kit:
    • Raised handle crinkle cutter
    • Pro paring knife
    • Spiral slicer
    • Twin curl cutter
    • V-shaped decorator
    • Vegetable garnishing instruction guide

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Free Bonus

6-Piece Veggie Creations Garnishing Kit

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