Cathy Mitchell’s FlavorStone® 4-Piece Cookware Set

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This perfect FlavorStone® Cookware set includes the signature Deluxe Deep Pan that lets you prepare stove top dishes that you never thought possible before! Each pan is coated with the beautiful PFOA-Free Sapphire™ non-stick coating that makes cooking and clean up a breeze. Multi-Ply construction plus super conductive bottoms ensure maximum efficiency so foods cook evenly throughout the entire pan surface. In fact, FlavorStone® pans are so efficient you’ll never need to cook on high. An interchangeable tempered glass lid is also included that features a built-in vent allowing excess moisture to escape and help avoid messy stove top boil overs. The FlavorStone® stove top recipe guide rounds out the set.

Included in This Offer:

  • 11″ Deluxe deep pan
  • 11″ Casserole pan
  • 11″ Saute pan
  • Tempered glass thermo knob lid for all pans

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