Stretchkins Soft Plush Animal Toy
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Stretchkins Plush Animal Stretch Toy for Kids

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Product Description

Each Stretchkin soft plush animal toy stretches and moves with your child while they dance, exercise, and play. Stretchkins are life sized (aprox 29” long), mimic your child’s movement, and their arms and legs stretch. They’re great to take on trips, keep on a shelf, and to sleep with.

Features & Benefits:

  • Are Soft & Cuddly!
  • Make Exercise Fun!
  • Are the Perfect Travel Companion!
  • Make the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion!
  • Fun for Boys & Girls
  • 6 Characters to Choose From

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3 reviews for Stretchkins Plush Animal Stretch Toy for Kids

  1. Tim Weinberg
    2 out of 5


    Item 29″ Unicorn was as advertised. S/H charges and the so called 7″ free Mini is a scam. Never received the 7″ Mini but paid extra for S/H P&H for it and now in the process of obtaining a credit. Item was on back order but they never elected to communicate that before excepting my order.

  2. Marie
    1 out of 5


    First, delivery took over three months, never did get one of the items, it’s still unavailable. Never received the mini stuffed animals. Upon getting the stretchkins, I gave them to granddaughters yesterday, and the elephant only held up a couple of hrs, and the leg ripped off while she was stretching it. Needless to say she was devastated. Her dad went to toy r us, and found her another one. Cost was ten dollars cheaper than online.

  3. Marie
    1 out of 5


    I too was charged for the shipping of the mini stuffed animals, just as Tim was, and never received them. Still awaiting credit. Also, their s/h charges are way too high. One of the items I received didn’t even come in a box, it was shipped in plastic bag (bag was torn when I got it). Don’t buy this product! Should you really want them go to toy r us for them, they now have them, and their $20. I pd $29 plus s/h. Got screwed!!!!!!!

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