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Lumi Doh is the brand new doh that glows! It’s super fun and very easy to use. Your kids can create whatever they imagine, the possibilities are endless! Lumi Doh shines, stretches and never leaves messes! Lumi Doh stretches like rubber and it even glows under water!

Lumi Doh Features:

  • Stretches like rubber & molds like dough
  • Glows brightly in the dark and has a glossy shine
  • Never leaves messes & never dries out
  • Non-toxic, antibacterial and washable
  • You can bake it to make your creations permanent


  • (2) Lumi Doh in 5 Glowing Colors (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue)
  • (2) Free Bonus: Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free?

Free Bonus

Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet

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Customer Service

800-372-6040 ext 204 Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm PST Please wait at least 48 hours for your order to be processed before placing your call.


3 reviews for Lumi Doh™ – The Doh That Glows! | Buy 1 Set Get 1 Free

  1. Great product. My Nephew really loves it. The produce was $19.99 thought that was a fair price. HOWEVER the shipping was also $19.99. A bit to much. I was really disappointed in the shipping price. I have told my friends about the shipping price they all seem to say TO MUCH!

  2. 1 out of 5

    The dough squares are so tiny there’s almost nothing to play with. If you put all the dough together, including the free set (paid shipping), it might equal about 1 play doh container. The stars/trays etc are very cheap plastic. Very overpriced for what you get. When you order, they will bombard you with “for ordering now, you can get…. at a reduced price” extra offers until you finally subimit the demographic survey and are able to place your order. Even worse is that the day it shipped, I got a phone call from them trying to send me an offer of free gas coupons (to keep even if I cancell) and some savings service for $1 trial. You need to cancel within 9(? I forget exactly how long) days. I told the first person I didn’t want it but she forwarded me to quality control to verify my address, etc and I told them then I didn’t even want to pay $1 for it. Then they said they wouldn’t send it. I hate companies that take advantage of customers. I’d send it back but the shipping is non-refundable and I’d lose a lot.

  3. 1 out of 5

    DON’T LET YOUR KIDS PUT THIS ON THE WALL. Yes, it does peel off and “appears” not to leave a mark. However, 2 months later, you will start to see dark spots on the wall the exact shape of the lumidoh. I have tried to clean if off, but now I am forced to repaint some rooms. Had I known what a horrible product this was, I would never have spent so much money on such a REALLY BAD SCAM product.

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