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DustMitex mite & flea control spray and powder by The Ecology Works® effectively eliminates dust mites and fleas in 2 to 8 weeks while preventing future infestation. Formulated with a borate compound, a natural element that coats the food source of mites and fleas, this spray safely and effectively kills these allergen producing pests.

Benefits of using DustMitex:

– Eliminates Infestation in 2 to 8 weeks
– Lasts for 6 months!
– Colorless, Odorless Won’t Harm Fabrics
– Safe to Use – Low Toxicity

Natural Pest Control

The DustMitex formula has been used for over 10 years to effectively kill fleas in homes so that your pets can live happier lives. Further, the spray is safe around kids and even small infants so that after you treat your carpets and furniture, your kids can return to the treated area almost immediately.

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