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Sleep apnea, snoring, fatigue, neck and back pain, bed soreness – all of these may be symptoms of poor sleep posture. Luckily, now there’s a way to train your body to sleep in the ideal position for a rejuvenating full night’s rest. Rather than allowing you to roll onto your back or stomach (which can cause a twisting of the spine and back strain), the SleepPosture Pillow encourages side sleeping – the most natural and healthy position for your body.

The SleepPosture Pillow is uniquely shaped to support the head, neck, back and jaw in the proper alignment. A small space on the pillow comfortably accommodates a person’s ear and prevents painful “ear folding.” Give your muscles and bones a chance to relax the way they need to with the SleepPosture Pillow!

Features & Benefits of the SleepPosture Pillow:

  • Reduces strain on the neck and back
  • Promotes more healthy rest and greater energy
  • Prevents rolling and twisting of the spine
  • Ideal for expectant mothers, travelers and individuals with congestive heart failure

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