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A fast and efficient way to cook! The Big Boss SmarTop Programmable and Portable Cooktop is ideal for small space cooking like dorm rooms, RVs and kitchenettes. With induction cooking, fast-heating is immediate, as this cooktop can boil water much faster than regular gas stove tops.

The Big Boss SmarTop directly heats the base of your induction-ready pots and pans without any heat loss. All this while the body of the unit remains cool to the touch, only heating the cookware. Its thin and sleek design helps you to store it easily too. It is programmable with automatic shutoff safety feature. You can warm up your food, slow-cook, sear or boil – the Big Boss SmarTop does it all to perfection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Four settings: Warm, slow cook, boil, sear
  • Boil setting includes six pre-sets
  • Sear setting includes six temperature settings: From 160 degrees Fahrenheit up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooks 50% faster than traditional stove tops & uses 50% less energy
  • The cooktop directly heats the base of the cookware, leaving the remaining surface cool to the touch
  • Heat-resistant surface makes spills easy to clean
  • Timer allows cooking time to be set 9 hours
  • Digital display timer for easy readability
  • Great for indoor & outdoor entertaining


  • Big Boss SmarTop™ Cooker in Black or Red
  • Free Bonus: Instructional Pamphlet and Meal Guide
  • Free Bonus: Ceramic Pan

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