FunLoom™ Rubber Band Bracelet Kit


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FunLoom is simply the best loom available for making rubber band bracelets, rings and so much more! 4 rows of pins so you can create more designs. Easier to use with wider spacing, smooth edges, wider head to better hold the rubber bands, larger hook tool to hold more bands and keep them from slipping off the tool, and designed so you can attach as many FunLooms together as you wish to make longer and wider designs.


  • Durable, super stretchy bands in a rainbow of colors
  • Made of 100% silicone-won’t fade & won’t pull hair or skin
  • Reusable-easily take them apart & start over


  • FunLoom Creation Station
  • Loom Hook
  • 100’s of Colorful Bands
  • 25 C-Clips
  • How-To Guide

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