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Amazing Daily Jewelry Deals Courtesy of BaubleBox!


The good people over at are jewelry aficionados that scour the earth looking for the most amazing deals on our most favorite thing on the planet – Baubles! They work with brands and manufacturers directly to bring their members exceptional value at unbelievable prices.

What BaubleBox Does

Multiple New Sales Daily

Five or more new items on sale every at Midnight EST Monday thru Friday. Save up to 90% off quality rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

Quality Assurance

All brand and manufacturer goods go through a rigorous 8-point quality control inspection. Just because it’s priced well doesn’t mean it should be cheap quality. Only the finest will do for their members.

Ship Fast

Hate waiting for items to arrive? We want our baubles now! That’s why BaubleBox warehouse and ship all the items they carry onsite. It takes them an average of one business day to turn around and ship an order. So, members don’t wait a week just to have their jewelry ship.

What BaubleBox Offers

BaubleBox Daily Deals

Daily Sales

Amazing jewelry at up to 90% off retail. Sourced from brands and manufacturers direct to offer members unbelievable, rock-bottom, almost-too-good-to-be-true prices. Sales go live at Midnight EST M-F and last for one week only. Shop rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.


From gift guides to just-for-fun, their merchandising team works with their editors to build collections that are especially discounted. As if saving up to 90% wasn’t enough, BaubleBox offers additional savings on special collections.


Members can’t be wrong. Let the people speak! Just because their merchandisers went to school for fashion doesn’t mean they know everything (well, sometimes it seems like they do). Find these top picks by their members. BaubleBox has negotiated ongoing specials with brands and their factories to keep the bestsellers on special.

Sneak Peeks

Get a preview of what’s going to be on sale in the next few days. You can’t see the details but they can certainly whet your appetite. Stay dialed in so you know what to get before it runs out as sales go live.

$1 Mystery

Very limited and highly coveted. The daily mystery box is an item worth $40 that sells for $1 each day on the site. There are only 50 units available each day and they go VERY quickly. The Mystery item is replenished at a random time each day. An announcement is made on BaubleBox’s Twitter and Facebook page, so make sure to follow them!

$10 TheBox

This is not available to all members. Unlocked only after you’ve invited friends to BaubleBox, TheBox is a curated monthly gift that ships FREE to your door for $10 a month. Each monthly gift is curated based on a style profile you fill out after you’ve signed up.

Visit today!

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